Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Apply Vinyl Lettering to a Wall

Personality and fun to an otherwise wall is what Wall Lettering can give. You are able to write names, sayings, popular quotes, or dates using the fonts that are very appealing for your sight. Children for example seems to love having writing on their room’s wall, in particular is if that writing includes their name. This kind of lettering is a great way to make unique presents and keepsakes for friends or families. A steady hand is what all you need in applying vinyl lettering.


1. Make up on your mind if what is the phrase or name you are going to put in your wall. Take note, vinyl lettering is very difficult to remove so in applying this be sure that the design you put is the design you like most.
2. Know the length and the width of the area you desire to apply the vinyl lettering. Count to know if the statement will occupy single, double or triple line.
3. Pick the accurate measurement for the height of each letters. Adjust width if you already have a decision about the letters height.
4. To order your letters, you may do to a craft shop. But today, through online store it is possible for you to order the letters you need, one of these stores is the ebuysigns your order will deliver with a sticker backing.
5. Determine the center of the wall where you choose to apply the lettering. Then, find the center of the vinyl lettering and mark both. Impersonate the sticker backing from the vinyl lettering.
6. Put on the sticker to the free-dust and clean wall of the room. You should only press the edges, of the sticker down; now, you can step back and make sure that the letters are straight.
7. Rub each letters for you to be able to transfer it to the wall. Unwrap the sticker backing off securing that the letters will stay put on the wall.